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Packing just the right amount and including items that will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable is a fine art. Here are some tips from some of the world’s most frequent travelers.


Alycia Oliphant, business development manager, Cunard Line, said she spends up to 50% of her time on the road.

“In my carry-on, I always have my itinerary, earphones, a ‘real’ book (I don’t like e-readers), a medicated cream to combat in-flight dryness and two inexpensive shawls: one for my lap and one for my shoulders. I never wear sneakers or lace-up shoes in case I’m asked to take off my shoes at security because they’re a nuisance to take off and put back on. And I always wear socks: who wants to walk barefoot going through security!Frequent travelers also know to pack a carry-on with medication, basic toiletries and a change of clothes in case their luggage is delayed or mislaid.

I keep a set of toiletries packed for travel and I have my tech stuff down to a science and keep it all in one pack. One gadget I love is a miniature goose-neck reading lamp that plugs into my laptop. It gives a softer light than the white one from the screen.

Packing for a cruise is different, of course! Lots more shoes, handbags and jewelry. You pretty much have to have two outfits per day, which is great for me as I love to dress up.

More advice from another travel industry road warriors on my next blog. Stay tuned.

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